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RBS Vascular Removal

SHF-1 uses 30W High Frequency radio frequency energy to heat and destroy the spider veins.

SHF-1 RBS Vascular Removal

SHF-1 uses 30W high frequency radio frequency energy to heat and destroy the spider veins.

At the same time,the treatment is done with a unique one-time use of soft silk, thoroughly preventing the possibility of cross-infection, and ensuring that each and every customer enjoys treatment with the SHF-1.


Pulse+ Continue Two Working Modes.

24 Hours Continuous Work

Steady Output Power

High-Class Spare Parts

Treatment Principle

Painless high frequency,which can thermal coagulate the hemoglobin immediately and endothelial cells of the amplified blood capillaries to close it.Treatment tip diameter is only 0.01mm which will not damage the epidermis 

The device could remove vascular by one treatment and the COMElY cosmetics could speed up the skin recovery.As the high energy density could coagulate target issue immediately,and those target issues would be sloughed off within 33-7days.


Vascular Clearance / Facial Vein Removal / Leg Vein Removal / Spider Vein Removal

The Advantages

30W High Power Rf Energy / 0-100 Different Level Energy Adjustable / Fiber Diode Laser No Energy Decrease



Energy Source

Radio Frequency


17inch color touch screen



Handle Power


Energy Level

0-100 , adjustable




AC 220V±10% 50HZ/AC 110V±10% 50HZ110V


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