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Hydra Facial Machine
SkinPro machine, combined with adsorption, in the absence of pain, The hair follicle funnel part be opend and remove the skin cutin metabolic waste, while providing adequate and long-lasting nutrients for the skin, It is an essential nursing procedure before the photoelectric instrument operation SkinPro machine can make the atoms of water molecules smaller and oxygen easier to dissolve into the gap between the atoms,The vacuum circuit is formed by the vacuum negative pressure, Make the ultra-fine small bubbles and the nutrient solution are fully combined. The specially designed spiral suction head acts directly on the skin and promotes the peeling effect SkinPro skin Deep cleaning machine, It is used for the Closed acne, mites. this machine have different size of tip. it can be used repeatedly, Water carving and peeling equipment, can be peeled and regenerated at the same time.This machine without the needles. Spiral Remove dead skin, replenish moisture.

1.Deep cleaning of the skin

Clean blackheads, acne, mites

2.Shrink pores

Improve the dark skin,brighten skin tone


Improve skin quality

4.Photoelectric device

Preoperative and
postoperative care

Why choose the SkinPro-1

Because it can effectively shape the skin, removal the blackhead shrink pores, hydrating moisturizing long-lasting skin cells, can achieve deep water oxygen cleansing, activating collagen    regeneration, face lifting, lymphatic drainage detoxification, dilute fine lines, color spots of the final effect, at the same time provide adequate and durable skin nutrients, so that the cuticle of the skin to reach moist, Exquisite, shiny, let the hifu, water needle and so on…, other high-end equipment projects better!

The blackhead is due to pore blockage, causing pores in the oil precipitate not out of the formation, just at the beginning of the time is oil, that is, grease grains, but the time is long to form a blackhead. Oily skin people love the blackheads, mainly because oily skin oil secretion more. But do not think that only oily skin of the blackheads people, dry skin mixed skin may have blackheads, but the dry skin of the blackheads people more stubborn, because the pores of small blackheads accumulation is not easy to remove.

Rated voltage AC220V±20%, 50Hz

AC110V±20%, 60Hz

Machine size


Handpieces 1.Liquiddermabrasion handle with 8 tips

2.Multipolar RF head

Machine weight 7.5KG
Package dimensions 44*37*51cm
Total package weight 10KG
Machine name Skin Pro-1
Rated power 110W
Micro-current power power 10W
Vaccum pressure 0-75Kpa
Machine material ABS
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