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Multi-function Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Machine DPL
Treatment Theory

Treatment Theory

The machine uses DPL(Dye Pulsed Light) precision skin rejuvenation technology that is narrow-spectrum photo skin rejuvenation (DPL), it refers to a new optical skin rejuvenation technology, different from traditional technology (such as IPL), The new technology can stimulate 100nm narrow-spectrum pulsed light which also contains the absorption peaks of melanin and oxygen and hemoglobin, allowing accurate concentration of effective therapeutic energy, thus quickly and efficiently solve the facial freckles and telangiectasia (red face) problems.



Wavelength of 550-650nm: Solve the problem of pigmentation and skin rejuvenation:

1. Used for the treatment of freckles, sunburn, age spots and other superficial light spots, which is significantly better for light spots;

2. It can also improve skin tone for dark skin rejuvenation problems. It treats aging problems such as dullness, large pores, rough skin, and fine wrinkles.

Wavelength 500-600nm: Solve the problem of vascular aging and rejuvenate light skin.

1. It is used for the treatment of telangiectasia, acne red marks, sensitive skin, hormone-dependent dermatitis, rosacea and other superficial vascular problems, with better immediate response and better curative effect.






Advangtage of DPL 

1. Narrow-spectrum 100nm delicate pulse light technology. Quickly and efficiently solve the facial freckles and telangiectasia (red face) problems.

2. Core of Light Imported from Germany. Xenon lamp is the core of energy. The light adopts German original im-ported xenon lamp which has obtained many patented technologies around the world, and the minimum effective light emission is 1,000,000 times.

3. OPT power supply. the energy is uniform and stable, which not only improves the comfort treatment feeling, but also maintains the high energy.

4.Multiple wavelengths available for use on all skins. Five handles for your choice, HR, SR, PR, VR, AR.

5. In-motion technology. Fast mode with 10hz high frequency, which speeds up the operation and reduces treatment time.





Specification of DPL
Wave Length  PR:  550-650nm VR:500-600nm 
Optional:( HR: 650-950nm SR: 560-950nm AR 420-520nm )
Fluence  10-50J/cm  SHR: 1-10J/cm2
Frequency 1-10HZ
RF power  1-30W
Input Power 4000W
Power Source Pure Sapphire 
Lamp German Imported lamp 
Spot Size 10*40mm for(SR,VR,AR,PR)    15*50mm for HR 
Contact cooling temperature Max -10℃ 
Cooling System  Built in water cooling +semi conductor cooling +air cooling 
LCD Screen 10.4 inch true color touch screen control
package size  82*59*122cm
Weight  99kg


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