• SP-1
    Application Application Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc Acne scars Skin whitening, fine lines removal All color of tattoo remove
    Can work with 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, co2 fractional laser machine, SHR machine, IPL machine and Nd yag laser machine…Suitable for all machines if patients feel pain and needs cooling. Offer a much comfortable treatment, say bye bye to pain, get much better treatment effect.
  • Skin Pro-1
    SkinPro machine, combined with adsorption, in the absence of pain, The hair follicle funnel part be opend and remove the skin cutin metabolic waste, while providing adequate and long-lasting nutrients for the skin, It is an essential nursing procedure before the photoelectric instrument operation SkinPro machine can make the atoms of water molecules smaller and oxygen easier to dissolve into the gap between the atoms,The vacuum circuit is formed by the vacuum negative pressure, Make the ultra-fine small bubbles and the nutrient solution are fully combined. The specially designed spiral suction head acts directly on the skin and promotes the peeling effect SkinPro skin Deep cleaning machine, It is used for the Closed acne, mites. this machine have different size of tip. it can be used repeatedly, Water carving and peeling equipment, can be peeled and regenerated at the same time.This machine without the needles. Spiral Remove dead skin, replenish moisture.
  • Model: HIDL-1200
    Base on the theory that the light can be selective absorption. The 808nm diode laser can penetrate into the deep skin. Then delivery the laser energy into the hair follicle and destroy that directly. Also with 10 imported laser bars, combine the 1200W hig power .This machine can do a very professional hair removal treatment.