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New tech 2000W 808nm diode laser hair removal machine with Medical CE certificate

HIDL-808-1200 System, use special laser with short Pulse-Width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle .



Laser Generator Power

2000W (2 years warranty)

Machine Type

Semiconductor laser

Laser Type




Sapphire size

10~80j/cm2 (continuous adjustable)

Energy Density

10~100ms(continuous adjustable)

Pulse width


Repetition frequency

sealed inner circled water cooling system

Cooling way

reatment head temperature 0~4°C

Power rating


Power supply


Security Classification

Ⅰclass,BF type


70 kg

External dimensions

460mm×325mm×1150mm (length*width*height)

Technology Advantage

1/ USA Imported coherent laser bar is more stable. And 2000W high power output laser energy can achieve the best hair removal.

2/ Low investment and high return. The treatment head is guaranteed for 2 years with No limitation

3/ The constant temperature refrigeration module keeps the water temperature at about 20-25 degrees, which can ensure the system to work continuously for 48hours without stop。

4/ Using advanced TEC and sapphire contact cooling technology, the terminal temperature is controlled under 5 ° C, and the skin is properly cooled during the hair removal process, while ensuring the possibility of zero frostbite.

5/ The frequency reaches 10hz, the treatment is more fast.

6/ 808nm wavelength laser targeted the destruction of hair follicle pigments.

7/ 10-100m pulse duration to ensure painless destruction of hair follicles

8/ The diode laser permanently destroys the hair follicles, and the remaining hair will be very small without affecting the appearance.

9/ The treatment head display screen displays the cooling temperature accordingly, making the operation more convenient.

10/ Super-light handle to reduce the difficulty of the operator's work and increase the experience value

11/ Normal mode and fast mode are optional, fast hair removal can also save 5 commonly used parameters, convenient and fast

12/ Spiral boost connector , you can insert the treatment head easily


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