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Picotech Q-Switch Picosecond Skin care system
Dermal pigmentation: * Birth marks: Ota nevus, Ito nevus, black nevus, etc. Pigmentation: sun-burn spots, age spots, speckles, freckles, senior flecks, etc. * Man made pigmentation: Blue, black, red, or brown tattoos; lip line or eyebrow line pigmentation Epidermal pigmentation: such as freckle, senior flecks, coffee spot .... * Vascular lentigines: vascular lesions, spider vessels,spider veins Skin rejuvenation via laser peeling
Light source Q-Switch ND: YAG solid-state laser
Wavelength 1064nm; 532nm
Output Energy 1064nm: 100-2500mj; 532nm:100-1200mj
Power 2000W
Energy density(max) 1064nm: 15.0; 532nm:6
Pulse duration 8±2ns
Repetition Rate 1-10hz adjustable
Spot Size 2-10mm adjustable
Light guide beam -650nm red laser
Cooling System Closed Cycle Water to Air Heat Exchanger
Laser delivery 7 jointed articulated arm imported from Korea
Controlling system 10.4inch TFT color touch screen
Power requirement 680mm×400mm×820mm
Note Technical data changed will not inform specially


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