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Portable 808nm & 3 wavelength diode laser hair removal system
Portable 808nm Diode Hair Removal Laser

Working Theory

Mejire 808nm Diode Laser System, use very special laser with long pulse width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle, using selective light absorption theory, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle. When laser outputs, system with special cooling technology to cool the skin and protect skin from being hurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment.


808 nm is in the spectrum of near-infrared (0.75~1.50 μm) region, effective to absorb melanin and goes through dermis to reach to adipose tissue, acting on different area and depth of hair. Excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment and suitable to all types of hair.
 Virtually Painless:

*Safely and gently heating the dermis to a temperature that damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, yet does not injure the surrounding skin.

*The Cooling Sapphire Dual-Chill Tip designed to protect the outer layer of skin by decreasing the surface temperature and preventing thermal injury from the laser beam.

Applications of 808nm diode laser beauty machine:Hair removal / Skin tightening/Skin rejuvenation
1. Hair Reduction on all pigmented hair and all skin types—including tanned skin.
2. Pain-Free, Hair-Free – Comfortable Hair Removal
3. Fast removing any kind and color hair.
4. Skin rejuvenation and skin tightening

 Advantages of 808nm diode laser beauty machine:

1. Virtually pain-free contacted with sapphire of Real -5°C more incomparable comfortable, and safety;
2. High laser output stability with optimized diode laser.
3. Fast Hair removal in on-motion way – huge 12mm*12mm spot, up to 10 Hz repetition rate.
4. Large touch color screen with advanced intuitive and easy human-computer interaction software.
5. Breakthrough patented comprehensive self-detection system with more than 50 realtime online detection key-points, ensures fault-prevention, minimizes treatment risk.
6. Dual hair removal mode of traditional (HR) mode
7. High output laser energy density, up to 120J/cm² in traditional mode(HR)
8. More effective and comfortable with unique Dual-Pulse Shot technology.
9. No transfer limitation any more with micro-channel water cooling system, which is more environmental avoiding Freon but quality ensured.

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal System
Laser Generator Power

500W(12*12 spot size)

600W(12*23 spot size)
Machine Type
P-808 diode laser
Laser Type
Semi-conductor laser
Laser wavelength
Sapphire size
12*12mm or 12*23mm
Energy Density
10~120j/cm2 (continuous adjustable)
Pulse width
 10~1200ms(continuous adjustable)
Repetition frequency
Cooling way
Sealed inner-circle water cooling system
Treatment head temperature
Power rating
Power supply
Security Classification
ClassⅠ, type BF
45 kg
External dimensions
36*54*94cm (length*width*height)
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